"This just in: cold season is over. Crimson Fox defeated several cold villains using what appears to be a pair of super-heated gloves."
— Marv Wolfman

"Cold Season" was originally going to be the the fourth episode of Powerless, airing on February 23, 2017, but was pushed back to the fifth episode, being aired on March 9, 2017.


Emily convinces Teddy to enter what she thinks is a game-changing invention against the elite engineers of Wayne X; Van takes advantage of Ron's good nature to assemble a toy for his girlfriend's child.

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Season 1

"Wayne or Lose" "Wayne Dream Team" "Sinking Day" "Emily Dates a Henchman" "Cold Season" "I'ma Friend You" "Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice" "Green Furious" "Emergency Punch-Up"

Upcoming episodes

"No Consequence Day" "Win, Luthor, Draw"

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