"Do you remember what it was like before Emily came here? We were all just a bunch of strangers working in the same office but then, a funny thing happened. A lady named Emily arrived, and she taught us how to love. She taught us how to care. By taking care of all of us. Yeah. But she made us a family, and family means doing even if you're doing something you might not want to do, but doing it we're gonna do. And not just for us, for Emily!"

"Emergency Punch-Up" is the ninth episode of Powerless. It will aired on April 20, 2017.


The team gears up to leave a company retreat when supervillain Dr. Psycho releases a toxic gas in Charm City; Emily does her best to make the most of a terrible situation.

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Season 1

"Wayne or Lose" "Wayne Dream Team" "Sinking Day" "Emily Dates a Henchman" "Cold Season" "I'ma Friend You" "Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice" "Green Furious" "Emergency Punch-Up"

Upcoming episodes

"No Consequence Day" "Win, Luthor, Draw"

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