Phone "Okay, we can't think of everything." -Teddy(Ref)
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"So, you're walking down the street when suddenly Jack-O-Lantern hits you with a flaming ball of fire But thanks to our new indestructible cell phone case, your phone is perfectly fine."
"As long as you don't drop it directly on the screen."
Ron and Teddy[1]

Indestructible phone cases are products created by Wayne Security to protect cell phones from superhero battle damage.Emily Locke Showed the prototype phone case to her boyfriend Dan who really turned out to be Reggie, one of the Riddler's henchmen. When Reggie told the Riddler about the phone case He sent his henchmen to steal them so he could build the tank to attack Arkham Asylum.The Riddler's henchmen abandoned their robbery of the phone cases when Van Wayne return to the office dressed as Robin.

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