• The Wayne Family leverage a coal monopoly gaining their fortune



  • Batman chases after a, "semi full of warheads" to save an orphanage
    • In doing so, the Batmobile hits off Van Wayne's side-view mirror, starting his life long hatred for the Dark Knight



  • Van Wayne hires 5 new people as "Head of Research and Development", four of which he immediately fires after a lack of significant results, one of which was crushed by rubble before starting.[1]
  • Emily Locke is hired as head of research and development at Wayne Security.[2]
  • Due to a lack of innovation, Bruce Wayne decides to shut down Wayne Security.[1]
  • Emily Locke inspires Teddy, Ron, & Wendy to create the Jack-O-Lert, impressing Bruce enough not to shut down Wayne Security.[1]
  • Batman, using a redesigned Jack-O-Lert, catches the Joker.[1]

Between January and JuneEdit


References Edit

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