"Nobody tells a Wayne where to pee!"
Van Wayne[1]

Van Wayne is a main character in NBC's Powerless. Van is played by Alan Tudyk. He is the boss of Emily Locke, and Bruce Wayne's cousin.

Episode 1: Wayne or LoseEdit

Bruce Wayne appointed his cousin Van Wayne the head of Wayne Security located in Charm City. Van would often contact his cousin and became a nuisance, even telling him to stop using his HBOGO password via text message. Bruce Wayne was so impressed with the Jack-O-Lert that he immediately put it into beta testing and decided to keep open Wayne Security much to Van's annoyance.


Season 1Edit

  • All episodes.

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Behind the scenesEdit

"Meet Del Heller, your new Claims Supervisor."
"He's the son of the CEO."
Jackie reacts to Del Heller's introduction[2]

Before Powerless was retooled and relocated the office environment from Retcon Insurance to Wayne Security, Alan Tudyk's character was named Del Heller, and he was the news Claims Supervisor at Retcon. He had been given the job because his father is the company's CEO.

Del has just been promoted, and he describes himself as a "rich, over-educated globetrotting wastrel." Del is a terrible boss who wants a twenty-five percent reduction in claims by the end of his first month. He cancelled Bagel Wednesdays when Emily Locke stood up to him, and he enjoys reading the biography of Lex Luthor.

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